Ep 21 – The Seamus Callanan Interview

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  • Enjoying the journey 
  • Goals win matches 
  • Special times
  • Parents, parish & perseverance 
  • The condensed season 
  • And life after Tipperary “I knew I was ready to go”

A captivating conversation with Seamus Callanan, a luminary of Irish hurling. This podcast peels back the layers of Seamus’s storied career, offering listeners a rare glimpse into the highs and lows that have defined his journey in the sport.

Seamus opens up about the pivotal moments that shaped his career, from his unexpected entry into the world of elite hurling to the emotional and strategic intricacies of deciding when to hang up his hurl. He brings to life the intense camaraderie and team spirit that fueled his years on the pitch, highlighting the unbreakable bonds formed with teammates.

A focal point of the discussion is the evolution of hurling – how the sport has transformed in its demands and what it means for today’s athletes. Seamus provides an insider’s perspective on the balancing act between rigorous training schedules and maintaining a personal life, offering an honest look at the pressures faced by modern hurlers.

Listeners are also treated to Seamus’s recollections of his most memorable game moments, including a detailed account of what he considers his greatest goal. His vivid storytelling transports us onto the field, sharing the exhilaration and intensity of championship matches.

This episode is not just for hurling enthusiasts but for anyone interested in the journey of a sportsman who has experienced the zenith of success and the challenge of adapting to a rapidly changing sporting landscape. Join us for an enriching and intimate conversation with Seamus Callanan, where every anecdote and insight sheds light on the heart and soul of hurling.

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