Ep 24 – The Allianz League, Contenders, Club Finals, and Carney’s Arrival

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  • Martin Carney joins the team. 
  • Allianz Football League preview
  • 2024 & Championship contenders 
  • Club Finals review 
  • Rallying, rebels & rough weather
  • And Michael’s letter to Max Verstappen

Join us for Episode 24 of our podcast, where we have a new analyst joining the team – Martin Carney! We’ll be discussing the upcoming Allianz Leagues and giving you a preview of what to expect. We’ll also be talking about the contenders for the 2024 Championship and reviewing the recent Club Finals. Plus, we’ll be chatting about the world of rallying, rebels, and rough weather. Michael drafts a heartfelt letter to Max Verstappen. Tune in for all this and more on our latest episode! 

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